Be the Authentic You – Embrace it.

Be the authentic you.  That is a way of life that I have learned to embrace.  To be the authentic you means that you have decided to plot your own path in life.  This is so liberating.  There was a time when I followed what everyone else thought was best for me.  I had the perfect job, the perfect salary and was perfectly miserable.  I thought following the “American Dream” meant everything.  It was hollow.  That is when I decided to follow my dream.  My dream did not include working for someone else.  That shocked my entire family.  They wanted me to get a “good job” and plan to retire there.  When I first started my business, things were tough.  The only encouragement that they provided was for me to “get a real job.”  I did get a real job.  It just happened to be the business that I created.


Be the Authentic You – Follow it.

Be the authentic you.  Follow your heart.  What is it speaking?  Don’t be afraid to step out.  Don’t live a life of regret. Starting a business is not easy.  Neither is learning how to run it.  But if you take simple steps you can do it. I never looked back.  It has been an amazing journey.  I am in harmony with myself because I am doing the job that I enjoy.  Life purpose is often identified when your dreams align with your work.  My dream was to write and be in the media field.  I live that dream everyday.  My road did not start with a choice.  It began when I lost my job. I made a decision that I would not return to the formal workplace.  I decided to start my own business.

Be the Authentic You – Be content.

Authentic people are more content with life.  They learn to do what matters to them and not what others expect.  Ask yourself are you living an authentic life?  Imagine how fulfilling it would be, if you chose to be the authentic you.   To learn more about starting your business, contact us.