Find Your Purpose

Find your purpose. That might seem simple but it’s not. To find your purpose you must be willing to let go. God has a purpose for every person on the earth. It is a good plan. It is God’s dream for you to become successful. You didn’t know that God had a dream? Well, he did. His dream was to create you and me in his image and then turn us loose to create. That was God’s purpose. It has not changed. The bible challenges us to roll our works upon God and he will cause our thoughts to become agreeable with his will, then shall our plans be established and succeed. God’s dream could not be made more clear. Give him your desires and allow him to turn those desires into divine purpose.


Let Go

Things often stand in the way of us finding our purpose. One thing may be people that we associate with. It doesn’t matter if they are family or friends. The nature of who they are may keep us from our purpose. For example, if they are always negative they can destroy your dream. If they are fearful they may cause you to draw back from pursuing your dream. Then there are other people that don’t believe that you can become successful and they plant seeds of discouragement in your life. When you let go of toxic relationships your purpose can manifest. Perhaps you need to let go of your job. You know deep inside if you are called to work for someone else or work for yourself. What does your inner voice tell you? Get beyond the fear of failure. Get beyond the fear that things may not work out. Maybe they won’t, but even greater is, maybe they will. The can do attitude has a lot to do with becoming successful with your purpose. ¬†James Baldwin once said, “Those who said it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”


Dream Big

If you have a big dream that means that you have a big God that can fulfill that dream. The only limits that you have are those that you place on yourself. No one else has the power to limit you. Your purpose can bring ultimate satisfaction to your life if you seek it out and find it. Don’t limit yourself. Dream big, find your purpose and do big things.