We are impacted by things everyday that can make us happy or sad. It’s your choice. The situation is not the thing that controls you. It is how you respond to the situation. You can choose to crash and burn, or to see a new horizon and a new beginning. The most difficult times to choose to be happy is when you are in a bad situation. It is a time when things are not going as planned. Yet, you determine within yourself that you don’t want to be sad, no matter what things look like. It may be difficult to do, but it is do-able.  In the Bible Paul said, I think myself happy.

Can you think yourself happy today? Do you dare look beyond the circumstances that can be deceiving and say all is well. Can you look beyond your discomfort and heartache and say, tomorrow will be a brighter day. Mountain top experiences are great. But becoming a victor on a down day is better. Rise up. Don’t give in to being sad. Be happy. Be very happy.