How to write a romance novel that people want to read is easy.

Have you struggled with how to write a romance novel?  Do you want to write better?  Do you want more readers for your novel?  Your novel needs to stand out if people are going to read it.  How the novel is written determines if the second page will be turned.  You are about to find out the elements to write a great romance novel.

The elements are:

  1. Create tension
  2. Keep your characters on the run
  3. Keep obstacles in their path
  4. Ignite passion
  5. Trip them up
  6. Resolve their problem
  7. Happy Ending

Learning how to use these elements can help you to create a following that will love reading your work.

Once you have the basics down you can use those elements over and over again.  I have over 88,000 faithful readers, so I know these elements work.  What these elements help to produce is pacing, excitement, curiosity and compassion. That is what romantic readers all over the world expect.  They want the dynamics of literally feeling the characters fall in love.  They want to become a part of the emotional journey.

My romance novels have been read over 700,000 times.  I can help you to write a romance novel that people will read.

In my course you will learn how to give the readers what they want.  You will learn to:

Create tension between the hero and the heroine

How to write with passion

How to develop the love relationship

How to keep intrigue to keep readers reading

How to develop a strong plot

How to twist the plot

How to create a satisfying “Happily Ever After”

Plus I am going to introduce you to the quickest way to find people that are willing to read your work.  This is a lifetime course.  Any updates, revisions or additions will be yours free of charge.  Learn how to write a romance novel.   Sign up today.