What Hurricane Harvey left behind is more than disaster. I had a lot of time to think about the hurricane since I lived through it. And to me, it was the worst hurricane that I have ever gone through. Most hurricanes take 9-13 hours to pass through a region leaving their trail of destruction. This one was different. It passed over our region and stalled. It dumped epic proportions of rain and flooded the gulf coast beyond measure.


As I prayed I asked God why was the storm so severe? He gave me a word of comfort. He said because I know how to bring a nation together. It was a hard message for me to hear, but comforting to understand. Our country has been polarized and divided. Sometimes we forget that we are one nation. Yet, when disaster strikes American’s do what American’s do best – unify. American unity is so beautiful to watch. It is absolutely amazing. When we unify we forget what divides us.


What Hurricane Harvey left behind is a nation that is flooding with compassion. It has left a nation of people that are praying for the wellbeing of those they may never know. Hurricane Harvey has opened purses wide as donations flow into the region. It has caused our nation to pause and realize that human life is important. The storm has made us color blind and has opened our heart to see American’s in need. I pray that every American remembers Hurricane Harvey not just for the destruction that it brought, but for the national healing that it left. #unitedpeopleofamerica


My heart and prayers go out to every victim on the coasts. I pray that your recovery will come quickly. But most of all I pray that every American remembers this bond of unity and keep it going. We are such a beautiful country when we are united. It is unfortunate that it oftens takes a natural disaster to bring us together. But if we do so beautifully well in adversity, imagine what we could do if we kept that spirit all year long. Let’s work on being united people of America.