Stop Saying Negative Words

Stop saying negative words. The solution to that issue may be as close as your mouth. Have you ever thought about someone and cringed. Just the thought of that person agitated you. Perhaps it is because of what they say when they are around you. Do you hate having to deal with their negative words? In life we have a choice of how we spend our words. We can speak in ways that are negative or positive.  Bad words will bring your life down. They can’t offer you anything of value.

Watch Your Mouth

Take a moment to evaluate your words. On a normal day would you say that you speak negative words or positive words? How do you speak to your spouse? How do you speak to those around you? Even more important, how do you speak to yourself? The power of negativity can be substantial. Think of the impact of the following words:

I can’t do it.

I don’t have enough.

I’m not good enough.

Nobody loves me.

I’m too fat.

Do you think that your life can ever get better using those words? The negative words really come from thoughts in your mind. If your thinking is always negative then your words will follow that.

Type of Words

There are three types of words. They are diminishing, superior and superlative. Diminishing words are negative and designed to bring your life down. Superior words are positive. They are uplifting and encouraging. Superlative words are words from God or the scriptures. Learn to use superior and superlative words abundantly.

How to Stop Saying Negative Words

The first step in not saying negative words is to become aware of how negative that you are. Then make a determination to change the way you think. That will in turn change the way that you speak. Realize that you have the power to change your way of speaking today. You can do it this very moment. Say, I will speak positively and practice this every day. Think of the impact of the following words:

I can do it.

I have enough.

I’m good enough.

I like the way that I look.

Those are positive words that can make your life get better.  Want more encouragement? Click here.