Today – 24 Hours That is All that You Get

Today has power. Are you wasting it? Take a moment to think about that. You have no other day to live in, but today. You can’t live in yesterday because it is gone. You can’t live in tomorrow because it is not here yet. Today is the only day that you have. What are you going to do with it?

The Value of  Today

Each one of us is given twenty four hours to make a difference in life. We can use those hours working for others, working for ourselves, sharing and helping others or being destructive.  If you want the best in life you must value what life has given you. Life has given you today. You can make it a glorious day or a day that you will regret.

Think about Today

If this was the only day that you had, what would you do with it? Would you find a way to make your life happier? Would you tell someone that you love them? Would you make an attempt to bring a dream to reality? Whatever goal that you have, if you are blessed to see a day, value it. Make the day worthwhile. Get the absolute best from the day that you possibly can get. That might mean that you will need to make changes in your life. Perhaps there are people that don’t belong in your life. Perhaps you are wasting your life in a job. Maybe it is time to get a new one.  Successful people and unsuccessful people have one thing in common – how they spend their time. You can spend your time to improve your life or you can spend your time to waste it.

Today is the Only Day You Can Receive the Blessings of God

Learn to engage with the present moment. If you are breathing, you are living in today. If you want to ask God for something, ask him to do it now. There is no tomorrow yet, and yesterday is gone. He can bless your life right now. Thank him for sending favor into your life, right now. Thank him for sending his best for you, right now. Do not procrastinate hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. You may only have today. Make the best of it. Need more encouragement?